Sociology Term Paper Writing Tricks

A term paper can come in many sizes and shapes. You may be asked to write a term paper in your history course, requiring you to research and review other source material to get a firm grasp of the information before writing your paper. In literature, you might be asked to give a literary commentary on some of the works you have read throughout the semester. You will have to use the materials from the class extensively as you draw conclusions about the particular author’s wirings. In your chemistry class, you may need to do a term paper which summarizes a series of experiments and hypotheses you tested during the semester. In your sociology course, you will be required produce a term paper which is vital to your final grade.


Sociology is the study of the interactions between humans in society. Basically, how we behave towards one another in different circumstances. The courses study the reason behind the behavior, how it got started, and why it may be continuing, either on a cultural level or on a more individualized and personal level.

Basics of the paper

When you are presented an assignment to write a term paper in sociology, there are some basics that are the same as all of your classes. If you are allowed, you must select a topic that generates an interest in your mind, or presents a challenging question that you want to see answered. Your term paper must include an introduction, a main argument section, and of course a conclusion. You are also required, like every other class, to list your references and sources for the facts and evidence in your paper.

Some specifics

A term paper for sociology is a different animal than other research papers. You must include an abstract at the beginning of the paper. This will give your professor a condensed version for your entire term paper. This is critical as it will often be a substitute for the complete paper, such as in a magazine or journal. In addition, the main section of the paper must deal with the actual methodology employed for your research. For example, if you are studying the effects of divorce on the success of children in school, you must detail in your paper exactly how you will be interviewing subjects, the questions asked, and the baseline criteria.

Tricks to look for

As with all papers, a detailed outline helps to streamline the process when writing a term paper. In addition, if you can get a topic you are interested in, it will focus your attention, and make it easier to complete the assignment. Finally, during the actual research take detailed notes, capturing as much primary source material as you can to improve the quality of your results.