Who Can Write Your Essay For You?

Several people and services could handle your essay for you. Literally anyone could do the essay for you. It’s not a matter of who can write your essay it’s:

  • Can they write your essay fast enough?
  • Can they deliver a quality essay for the price you pay them?
  • Are they legit?

These are the important questions you should ask yourself about getting someone to do your paper. The first two listed aren’t easy to sort out. When it comes to can they write fast enough and give you quality material, it’s more of something you figure out as soon as you get your paper back in a timely matter. On that note, when it comes to an online essay writing service, you could visit a forum for college writing services and ask around to see who has done business with them.

Are They Legit?

This is the main question you want to worry about. “Are they legit?” or “What’s their reputation? How do I know they deliver on what they say they will?” Simply put, you don’t know unless you ask around. In the case of online essay writers, never go with their testimonial services and approach the comment sections for samples with caution. They could be legit comments on the sample provided or they could’ve been provided by the site or other paid contractors.

In this case, it’s best to just ask around and hope your inquiries turn up something.

Getting Another Student to Write Your Essay

This is a more immediate option and usually they will do it for a flat rate unless they’re running an essay business themselves and charge per page. While essay writing sites do offer communication with clients, communication with another student on campus can be more immediate, but could be hindered by the student having their own things to worry about.

Other than that, they’re open to the same scrutiny as an essay site. Unlike an essay site, you could find out how good the student is at handling essays a bit easier (just ask around).

With both services and individual writers, it’s best to make check their work to see if it was written to your instructor’s specifications and that the material isn’t plagiarized. They can promise it’s not, but it never hurts to check over their work.