Six tips for Research Paper Presentations

Everybody gets nervous. And depending on the situation, the nerves get bigger according to the importance of the situation. But it doesn't matter how difficult the task you have set for yourself, such as making a research paper presentation, if you are well-prepared, if you have rehearsed your presentation a number of times, the nerves will either go away altogether or they will not be a factor in your presentation. So as Fred Astaire once said, “Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.”

You need to make certain points in your research paper presentation. These are vital points, they have to be made. You cannot leave out any of these points. Here are the six essential things you must include in your research paper presentation.

  1. the title of your work,
  2. the difficulties you've had in creating it
  3. the way you have tackled these issues
  4. the issues you have discussed in your research paper
  5. the conclusions you have reached
  6. the evaluation of your research paper

Now remember that you will have about 15 to 20 minutes in which to make your research paper presentation. It is very important that you practice giving this presentation a number of times before the actual event. Of course you will have notes and be able to refer to these. Some people prefer to write their entire presentation verbatim and read it. Other people simply settle for a list of main points and make their presentation according to these main points. But in either case, as much rehearsal beforehand as is possible is a darn good idea.

The essential things you include speak for themselves. The points need to be presented in the order they are listed above. You are working through your research paper from beginning to end. You are clearly demonstrating that you have a good understanding of the topic and that you will be tackling it from all the proper and reasonable points of view.

The troubles you encountered in your research are just as important as the issues which you will raise in your research paper. How you overcame any such difficulties is just as important as the issues themselves. Of course you must have a proper conclusion but that is not the conclusion of your presentation. You need to be able to explain how you have evaluated your research paper and the results of your evaluation.