The Exorcist

For people who enjoy science fiction thrillers and horror stories, you may be familiar with the Exorcist. This was originally created during the late 1970s and today, its popularity remains strong. The storyline is about a girl that is saved by priests, except the girl has demonic possessions. Whether you have read the book or have seen movie remakes of the story, there are scenes in it that always seem to amaze the audience. Others who may not have as strong of an interest may find the plot and related content disturbing, crazy or even difficult to follow. So, why is it still so popular?

The Exorcist is considered a classic all on its own and because various remakes have hit the market, audiences of all ages that are familiar with the original storyline have unique opportunities to criticize newer forms of the story. Many are familiar with the film which is where much of the controversy comes from. This movie is still considered one of the scariest movies of all time, even though some may not see it as a horror story. When the movie first hit theaters in the 1970s people could not stop talking about it and it even made people get physically sick.

Just the screening of the movie made people go bonkers. One person got hurt when they passed out and hit their head. Another person got angry and lashed out at the movie screen because they thought the evil spirits were upon them. The Exorcist is based on a novel that was released during the early 1970s by William Peter Blatty. The movie received high remarks and has grossed millions of dollars while being one of the most highest-grossing films of all time for this genre.

The story is set around a 12-year old girl who lives in Washington D.C. and has disturbing behavioral issues in which her mother decides to get an exorcism for her when doctors were unsuccessful in treating her. The exorcist is actually a priest who helps fight demons from the past. Some events in the story were based on true events. Overall, the storyline has a unique connection with faith, goodness over evil and how these elements were perceived and combined with horrific acts committed by demons. Many who believe in the power of goodness prevailing over evil got more than just entertainment from the film.