Writing Interesting College Research Papers

Writing interesting college research papers relies on one thing mostly—pacing the essay. This is incredibly important and can result in an excellent, interesting yet informative paper or a research that is equal to a bowl of bran cereal with no milk. You want to catch the reader’s attention and you don’t want to bog down everything being read.

“So how do I handle that?”

You’d be surprised with how simple some salutes are in resolving issues with a dull paper and making them interesting.

Be Light Handed With Facts

The best way to handle this kind of paper is to write depending on the facts that apply to the greater amount of the essay. While informative, having too much information overload can bog down your research paper. This can result in a paper that is just dull and wordy to read. Sometimes there are facts that you just don’t need to make your point.

Reword Your Essay

By rewording your essay at certain points, you can make your essay less dull. Rewording could be anything from using different terms to eliminating parts that make your research paper ramble on and kill the flow of the entire thing. The reader shouldn’t go “Oh finally! Now they’re going into X topic! What an ordeal.” while reading your work.

Use Citations Only When Needed

Another thing that blights research papers is oversaturation of citations. These can sometimes be seen as filler even if they fit into the flow of the paper. The simple thing is that there is such a thing as too many citations.


You’ll have to research your paper regardless. It’s the name of this particular essay. A well-researched paper will allow you find interesting facts and help you sort out a way to weave them into your train of thought for the paper. In addition, research will give your point stronger legs to stand on and narrow a subject so that you’re not tackling the whole subject in an abstract manner.


A simple, decently crafted outline can help you put together the flow of your research paper. It is the overall flow and movement among topics and subtopics that will help you keep the paper from become too heavy and too lengthy at points. Mastery of pace and flow early in your academic writing career is essential. Some writers can do it without an outline, with a pretty shabby outline, or with a full blown outline.