Write My Paper Dilemma: Ethics vs Lack of Time

A sign of a mature college student is someone who has good ethics and who can manage his time wisely. This means that he will not have to hire someone to write his research paper for him. If you plan ahead of time and meet with your professor to discuss how he wants the paper to be written, you will not have a hard time with the assignment. You also have to be motivated to succeed in class and you learn how to be motivated by going through the difficulties in your academic life.

Shortcuts Don't Mold Your Character

When you ask a professional to write your paper when you have the time and resources to do so, you're not showing a strong work ethic and this doesn't work in real life. When you land your first job you won't be able to do the same things you got away with in college. Today's employers don't have the patience to deal with laziness and they won't hesitate to fire those who exhibit this quality.

Those Who Write Your Paper Cannot Write It Like You

The negative side to asking someone to write your paper is that he cannot write the paper the way you can because he does not attend the same class as you and he may not be as passionate about the subject as you. As a result, you should not expect the paper to be done in a well-researched manner, even if you gave him your class notes and the books you read in class.

You Give College Education A Bad Name

When you hire a person to write your research paper, you give college education a bad name because when people think of college, they think about scholars who do original work and who have strong character. You defeat the purpose of attending college when you don't complete your own assignments.


A college education should mold you into an independent scholar who can study and research facts and write about them in an analytical way. If you're assigned a research paper, you want to start the paper as soon as possible because this allows you time to gather data, organize it and type the paper as well as proofread it. You will make yourself, your professors and your parents proud when you achieve your degree with integrity and with long-term goals in mind.