Police In England And Wales 

An interview to become a police officer in England and Wales can be a terrifying process for anyone, especially if you are not prepared for the interview. If you are at the interview stage for a security position, then you have already submitted a resume to the company for review and they have called you in above other applicants as they narrow down their selection process.

The first thing you can do for any interview, particularly a security guard interview, is to ensure that you are well groomed. Your appearance is a vital part of your interview process. Being well groomed means that you are showered, hair is kept off of the face, and appropriate clothing is worn. For women this means a blouse, skirt, and heels, and for men it means a suit or slacks and a button-down shirt. Within the first few seconds of meeting you, an interviewer will have assessed your appearance and made a judgment. No matter your level of experience you should ensure that you are well groomed. You should arrive fifteen minutes prior to the interview. Any sooner and you are too early and therefore interrupting another interview, but any later and you do not have time to take deep breathes and sign in.

You should research the company for which you are applying prior to arriving on the scene and generate a few questions to ask the interviewers at the end that apply specifically to the company and the potential position. This will demonstrate to the interviewers that you conducted research, you are serious about the position, and that you have an understanding of the requirements of the position and want to be as prepared as possible for the position.

During the interview you will be asked a variety of questions that cover your past experience. Security guard positions generally hire younger guards, former officers, or former military. Therefore your resume might explain your positions but in the interview you are given a chance to explain your knowledge of the importance of the role of security guard and how your previous experience relates to the position at hand. This is where you can discuss previous training which is applicable to the current position and how you will be a useful asset to the company. You will also be judges for honesty and truth because as a security guard you are given access to lots of locations and information where you work. This is why it is important to hire honest and trustworthy individuals. The questions asked here will consist of things such as “have you ever lied?” or “what would you do if you discovered that another guard was accessing information that you did not think was important but that they still should not have been accessing?”. You should be prepared to answer such questions.