What is the correct Structure of a Research Paper?

A research paper takes different forms and styles of writing which all describe a certain path of thought. The correct structure often depends on the format that has been chosen and this means an overall approach has to be identified. In view of this, a universal approach has been designed which designates several aspect that include:

  • Introduction
  • The introduction dictates the focus of the research paper and it also details the aspect of research that will be in play. The introduction is used to give a detailed attention as to what will be experienced in the body of the research documentation and how the same aspects will be achieved. The introduction houses the thesis which is the statement that governs the research focus. The introduction part also gives a summary outline of the research idea and what is entailed in the research process.

  • Body
  • The body is comprised of the different ideas that support the thesis statement that has been provided in the introduction section. The body aims at providing all facts that expound on the thesis statement and it also gives an insight as to the thought set up that has been in play before the research set up. The body carries a detailed orientation of the evidences that are a factor of the research process and these make the argument as to whether the thesis statement is clear and in the right forum of debate. The body also exhausts all the research resources that have been used in the research process and how the data relates with respect to the different collection platforms. It is also in the body where evidence of consistency in research findings is proven so that the thesis can be accepted as the finding that is the overall picture of the factor under research.

  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion aims at further stressing the finding that has been made and calling to action the collective adoption of the thesis as the true representation. The conclusion covers the cloud statement on what the evidence and facts in the body are all about and how they are directly proportional to the thesis that has been provided.

  • References
  • The references section details all the research material that was used in the process of creating the research paper. In this section, all academic databases and books that have factual information coupled with the internet are mentioned with respect to their utilization in the research process. This aspect enables readers to go and make further inquiries which can lead to further understanding and full acceptance of the research findings.