How To Do A Research Paper On A Scientific Topic

Research papers are mostly written the same way, no matter what the topic. Whether you’re writing about science, art history, or popular 80s bands, the structure and process is inherently the same. When you have a scientific paper to write, you’re probably at least a little familiar with your topic. From the other lessons in your class you’ll probably know where to start reading and looking when you do the research. Even if you aren’t too keen about science, it’s easy enough to search online first before wasting any time getting lost at a library. You’ll be spending your time more wisely if you know what you want to look for before you actually go there.

Scientific Research Techniques

Even if science isn’t your best subject, you can easily do research on it. Anybody who can use a computer and read decently can look something up online and find out about it. Even on sites like Wikipedia, that might not be good for true sources, can give you a lot of background knowledge about your subject. Having a good general knowledge is just as important as finding specific primary and secondary sources.

If you’re looking for some extra ideas on how you can research effectively, read this list for three great ways you can do that. Here are some more tips on researching:

  • Your research paper will probably be about a limited scientific field, but there are always subtopics and related topics you can delve into. Find at least a small part that really intrigues you; your passion for it will show through your words.
  • Talk to professionals in the field. It’s an awful lot more fun to go interview a renowned marine biologist than to read a dry book about his life. See if you can find some local professionals who would be willing to speak with you. If you record the audio or write down things they say, you can use those as direct quotes (with their permission, of course).
  • Another idea you can use is to watch videos. Most people go looking for books and written works about their topic, but there are many helpful documentaries and even online videos, that can teach you. You can quote from documentaries and movies in your paper, but these also serve as a great source for general knowledge and delving deeper into your topic.