Nursing term papers: writing prompts to stay away from

When writing a nursing term paper, it is important that your work is in line with the requirements set by your specific professor, your department, and the field as a whole. Inflammatory and sensational pieces are not effective, and can often lead to trouble, when you are working in any capacity within the medical field.

There are certain writing styles and prompts that any educated writer should avoid --- including those in nursing school.

  • Vague generalities – It is important in a medical setting that you don’t make generalities about a certain treatment or field of study. There are scores of informational reports and study data that offer complex backgrounds for any research topic. Use that information, as well as what was gleaned from previous research to express a point without making generalized statements about treatment methods, patient demographics, or other important sub-topics.
  • Inflammatory statements – In the medical field it is critical that research not include inflammatory statements. Not only will it lead to a lack of funding or support, but it can also damage your credibility as a researcher and medical professional. In a field where much focus is placed (expectedly) on malpractice avoidance, inflammatory statements can land you a bad reputation quickly.
  • Sensationalism – It is one thing to make a move toward revolutionizing the way a certain topic or study is researched. It’s an entirely different thing when you cross the line into the sensational. Keep your research and writing professional and fluid. If you successfully answer all of your reader’s questions or concerns about a topic, you will go much further in convincing them of a needed change than you will writing a sensational piece that is easy to write off as unbelievable.
  • Gimmicks – Avoid gimmicky, sponsor-centered pieces. If your advice is slanted by a particular manufacturer or research group, your research can easily be viewed as gimmicky and not to be taken seriously. Review multiple sources and make sure your conclusion doesn’t point to only one, sponsored answer.

In the medical field, there are many important factors to take very seriously. Because of the fear of malpractice suits, and the many laws that must be followed precisely to provide quality care, it is especially important that your research is well rounded and avoids sensationalism. You want to be an educated, reliable source of information – and school research projects are the best way to begin that process in your medical career.