How to create Solid Exploratory Essays

An exploratory essay presents a challenge to a writer because there is nothing to defend or to persuade. This essay is about a problem and perhaps a possible solution for it. It is a very different type of writing for most students, but it can be a fascinating essay to construct. Here are some tips for writing a solid exploratory essay:

  • The introduction is important in this essay because it describes the problem. It can also explore how the problem possibly came about and who might be involved in any solutions that are currently underway. It is important to include any possible research that you used in your essay. Since this is an inquiry the research is important because it shows that you have sought good information to support your essay assertions.
  • The next part to concentrate on is the body of the essay. These paragraphs all have a part in making the exploration clear and well thought out. Begin with describing the source or sources that were used for your research. Make sure to cite the source correctly and describe briefly about why this was selected.
  • Show what important information that you found in your source that can help solve your problem.
  • Why the information is credible and important should be included, as well.
  • Share any insights or thoughts that you had from the research. Did you change any ideas or direction based on what information you found out? If so briefly comment on that process.
  • Provide good transitions between sources if there is more than one. Make sure that there is a logical movement from one to another because it is important to bring the reader on the journey of the research.
  • The last piece is your conclusion. In this essay, the conclusion needs to restate your problem and then describe what the next steps for a solution might be, if there are any. Try to bring any last questions to light because in this type of essay, there may be questions because it is a process and there may not be a strong solution to the problem.

The exploratory essay needs to be a more formulated essay rather than an open-ended or free flowing one. In this case, being logical and factual is key to success. Making sure that the citations are done correctly is also critical in this piece.