Where can you find good essays examples

Good essay examples are worth their theoretical weight in gold. They provide a means for mediocre writers to elevate themselves to an acceptable standard or beyond in as little time as possible. They’re even useful for good writers who can study them carefully and become great. Regardless of which category you would classify yourself under, here are some great places you can look to find a sample essay that might help you.

School libraries

When you need any type of text based help, a library is an awesome resource. It’s slower than an online search but you can legally access full books and even get help from the staff. Ask the librarian if any of the teachers have left exemplary essays for upcoming students to review. Not all of them will but you should ask anyway.

Experienced educators

Your teacher, tutor, principal or anyone else who’s been teaching for a while may have a couple of good essays hanging around that they wouldn’t mind letting you look at. They may even be impressed by your decision to improve your writing and give you helpful tips.

Educational websites

Some websites are dedicated to helping writers improve and will be full of essays that you can base your next essay on.

Professional Writers

If you don’t mind spending some money you can order an essay from a writing service. Once you use one you can trust you will end up with a product created by a professional to your precise standards.

Smart Friends

If there’s anyone you’re on good terms with who is known for writing well, you should ask them to see some of their best essays. If they’re a bit paranoid (or you’re not that trustworthy) they may hesitate or outright refuse but there’s a good chance that they’ll agree.

Text books on writing

Some text books about writing include full essays to be used as samples by people who want to better understand the writing style. These samples will be the epitome of whatever essay format you are attempting and are great for helping you conceptualize certain rules.

As you check these sources for essay samples, never forget that your intention is to learn, not to copy. Develop your won unique style to succeed as a writer.