Writing a Term Paper in 24 Hours

Handling a term paper in 24 hours is tough task that would require every hour in that window going solely to working on this paper. You’re in the red zone of crunch time, so it’s crucial that the paper becomes your priority. If your mom calls to see how you’re doing—don’t pick up! That’s thirty minutes to an hour gone! Girlfriend or boyfriend drops by—don’t answer the door! You’re busy! If they call, tell them you’re busy with important stuff and hang up. Don’t wait for a response!

Yes, this all seems extreme and an exaggeration, but you really don’t want a great deal of interruption when it comes to doing your term paper. Plus if you have to do it at the last minute when you had a whole semester or quarter to tend to it, depriving yourself of human contact for one full day shouldn’t be too much of a bother.

Here’s the steps you’ll want to breeze through:

  • Research
  • Ask questions
  • Writing


Research and writing is what takes up the majority of your time doing a thesis paper and is the most important part of getting it done. Once developing a thesis and doing the research to support and better sculpt your thesis. This goes hand in hand with time management. If you research and develop your thesis statement early, you’ve effectively knocked out roughly 40%-50% of the essay writing process.

Also note that research works well in sorting out what your topic for the paper will be. If you have a broad subject to work with, research it. Usually you can find several topics about the subject and you can focus on one of those are your thesis statement.

Ask Questions

This step might be skipped over, but asking questions and coming to a conclusion is a good way to develop your thesis statement.


This is the actual work that you’ll need to speed through. With the first two you could put in a couple of hours for research to gather everything and slice the subject down a bit. The writing portion requires quite a bit of focus to keep going and not get sidetracked by anything.

Remember, time management is very important here. Don’t get distracted and don’t hesitate to take a timed break. Now, don’t go too far from your research paper, but take a short break. Just note that sleep isn’t an option here.