A List of Easy Research Paper Topics

Looking for a research paper at the very last minute can lead to a great deal of trepidation and, indeed, the unfortunate side effect of freezing at just the wrong moment. It’s the last-minute pressure that does it, as well as the overwhelming task of searching for a research topic.

However, finding a research topic doesn’t have to be overwhelming - just take a look at this topicsbase.com extensive database.

Here is a list of just a few different easy research paper topics.


If you’re doing a history paper, the further back in history, the better. The further back you go, in general, the more and more thorough research has been done. There are definite exceptions—ie, you’ll probably find far more in the way of research fodder about 1776 than 1176, and more about 1964 than 1924—but on the whole and in a pinch, this is a decent rule of thumb to operate by. Wars are often attractive topics, since they generally have “cleaner” dates and have more definite beginnings and endings, as well as a cast of characters that are immediately accessible.

Political Science

Theorists and studies are your friend here. You want to look for a research topics that you can apply your different theories to in order to A. Demonstrate that what you’ve learned in class and B. Fill the empty spaces of your paper with pontifications on those theories if your paper starts to run a bit short.


Once again, theorists are your friend. Here, finding easy research topics is as easy as knowing your professors well. What sort of theorists are they fond of? Do they thrill to Marxist theories of power relations? Do they swell with excitement at the mention of Jane Austen, Judith Butler or feminist theory? Are they perhaps more interested in newer fields, such as Queer theory?

However, be aware that this strategy cuts both ways. If you pick a topic they know backwards and forwards, they’ll be able to pick up any slight flaw or fluff in your paper. As such, you want to strike a delicate balance when searching for different easy paper topics.

Finally, consider including an extra writer or two in your topic. This can help to flesh out your paper and, indeed, show that you’ve put in an extra amount of work; in fact, this strategy can allow you put together easy research topics with minimal effort.