Famous Thinkers

Thinking is a human function which comes to life as soon as the child gets old enough to touch and feel his surroundings and begins to understand the intricacies of the world that he’s been born in. Thinking is an integral part of everyday life of all human beings which not only impacts the life of the individual but also affects the people that connect to that individual in close or distant proximity.

History is full of people that went beyond the usual scope of thinking and presented their ideas and thoughts in a manner that impacted not only the people of their time, but also continued to leave their mark on the minds of coming generations. These famous thinkers looked at life with their own different perspectives and put forward their out of the box ideas which brought about big changes and shaped up the society that we now live in.

Some of these famous thinkers were great philosophers like Socrates(469 BC), Plato(427 BC) and Aristotle(384 BC) the Greek philosophers, and writers like Simone De Beauvoir(1908), Jeane Paul Sartre(1905) that raised their pens on taboo topics and brought into light the social issues. Others were statesmen and politicians like Benjamin Franklin(1706) ,Winston Churchill(1874) and Mahatma Gandi(1869) that took steps to alleviate the problems of the common people and yet some more names are Avicenna(980) the Persian physician and philosopher, Arcimedes(287 BC) the Greek mathematician and physicist, Pythagoras (1920) yet another Greek mathematician and philosopher, Isaac Newton(1643) who laid the foundation for differential and integral calculus, Charles Darwin(1809) who proposed the theory of evolution and Albert Einstein(1879) with his special theory of relativity. These were some of the prominent scientists and mathematicians that researched and established different theories and presented solutions which facilitated the mankind and shaped us into the civilized society that we are today.

Thanks are due to these great thinkers for the effort they put in and the struggle that they went through, sometimes being criticized and misunderstood for their unusual ideas, only to rise again and get their thoughts acknowledged and their theories established as true facts.

Their contribution to the nation and generations to come have made their efforts praiseworthy and while people may not think twice about them in their day to day life but whenever we use a modern technology or see a noble trait in our society, there lies at the back of it the endeavors of these great thinkers.