School Term Paper: Reviewing the Literature

Anytime you have a school term paper to do you will have to review a lot of literature. With the invention and popularity of the internet though this is now accomplished in a faster and more efficient way. While you will still have to actually get the books and do the research if you use the internet effectively in the process you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Let me explain.

Old School

In the old school days, you would have to go to the library and search for books that may or may not have anything to do with the topic that your paper is on. You can spend hours poring through the tomes and sometimes they will end up not having anything relevant in them at all. You would then have to start all over again with the next book and the next and so on. With academic journals and papers it could be even worse. The library may not even have any of them that are relevant to your subject.


Now, with so much being on the internet your hours of research and finding the books and literature with relevance can be cut down to minutes. All you have to do now is to type in the subject of your research into a search engine and you will instantly be rewarded with relevant results. Some of them will be online works and if they have urls that end with .edu, .org, or .gov then you can use those in your research. Some of them will actually be books though that you can either by in e-book or .pdf format and read on the computer or Kindle and some will be books that you can find at the library or bookstore. Either way, the hard part of the research is effectively nullified when you use the internet.

No matter if you choose to review the literature in the old school style or if you prefer to do it the easy way, you must be careful to cite each and every single piece of literature that you reference. This is vitally important. Check to see what the methods of citation are for works that you find online so that you are sure to do it correctly. Reviewing the literature can actually be a fun part of the paper if you are really interested in the subject at hand.