College Papers for Sale - Cheating or Legit Help?

Some students will say that college papers for sale are a gray area while services will say it’s helping a student. Purchasing college papers is the same as cheating. If it was legit help, the services would offer to teach you how to handle these college papers or proofread your paper and tell you what is missing or if its solid—and they could still charge for it. By simply writing your papers for you, they’re not helping you learn anything besides you can pay someone to bail you out a mess by doing your work for you.

“C’mon, is it really cheating?”

Of course! For it to be considered cheating there needs to be several things:

  • A culture based on an honor system or rules.
  • A culture where some or most adhere to the honor system.
  • Something on the line.

College courses have all of these. While teachers know that some will cheat, some will pay for their papers, and some will plagiarize, they still hold all students to the school’s and their own honor system. This is why some papers are thrown out and grades can be lower because even if the student has a good paper. Call it crazy, but there are teachers out there that respect actual effort.

When it comes to your essay, something is always on the line: your grade. Now your grade is in no danger if you use a service since your instructor probably wouldn’t be able to tell that no effort was made toward the essay at all and you should worry about the legitimacy of your paper—now gone because you used a service—since there are no honor system police who will check your bank account and PayPal to see what purchases have been made.

The Stakes

Along with something being on the line, consider the degree of the stakes on the line. Sure your grade is up there, but what kind of paper are you working on here? Is it a research paper or is it an important one like a dissertation? All services offer to do a variety for you, but some should definitely be handle by you.

So yes, buying college papers is cheating. If there was nothing to gain it would just be an exercise that you’re paying for—which would be a waste—but you’re protecting your grade and not doing the required work to do so in the process.